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Fly Fishing Preparation Now! Pregatiri

Now is the time for trout/grayling fly fishers to move from tying and imagining to getting the gear ready too. Some are lucky to have year ’round fisheries. Others have the season openers looming. Here at Viata Si Pescuit the gear has been checked and prepared (pregatiri) and the basic flies are ready. Anticipation and planning.


Fly Fishing: Keepsakes & Quirks

Fly fishers do tend to give the impression of being gear driven. Perhaps it is the marketing assault of the new and improved and flashy that adds to this image. Some probably are still using their Eagle Claw rod and Medalist reel. But, I bet not many. But, I think there is another object or two that fly fishers carry that the marketing obsessives can’t touch…that certain little something that only matters to you in some sentimental, quirky, superstitious way.

There is another part of fly fishing that I find more fun, even child like. How many fly fishers carry some token of faith, superstition, love, nostalgia, charms, some remembrance of others, better times? Keepsakes, baubles, or some object that perpetuates the Good JuJu of mind, soul and good fishing & good times…..

Some could be that favorite object that is more functional (forceps, nippers, bandana, pack, lighter, pocket knife, cigar cutter) or earthy (a good luck pebble or small stone) or a gift that may or may not be too special to suffer the wear and tear of the elements and you. 

As the Ad says..’what’s in your wallet?’ What’s in your pack, wader’s pocket, or box that provides the mental, spiritual or nostalgic lift of good times past that you want to carry forward?


On A Positive Note: Life Follows Death…………

Theoretically we know somewhere life follows death…somewhere. Here, in the cemetery, the contrast is beautifully simple. Hardships besiege us at times. Maybe we are fortunate to seek comfort on the water, or even with a simple, elegant photograph.


Fishing Streamers & Wets: More than swinging across stream

Dry Flies, Nymphs, Streamers and Wets (forget the eggs, worms, terrestrials and mouse patterns for now). As a beginning fly fisher, I would suggest the inclusion of a few wet flies and streamers in your arsenal. And, as you hone those skills on a drag free drift for the dry and watching for the strike indicator/sighter to dip for the nymphs, don’t forget to learn how to present a wet fly (it is more than just down and across swings) and the streamer.

Slow your presentations down to move with the current speeds and dissect the holding lies to move the fly via mends into prime holding spots. Simply swinging the wet or streamer through a stretch of water will catch some fish, but you will up your odds if you guide the fly’s path through the water. Learning to correctly present these two pattern styles can also greatly enhance anyone’s efforts to learn traditional fly fishing for steelhead or salmon too. 


Photography….Beautiful….Greg Russell

Very inspiring photography by Greg Russell (here)

Intimate scene, Utah, July


Stillwater Fly Pattern: Chub (CJ Rufus)

Came upon this pattern in the Bend Bulletin. A pattern called the CJ Rufus (I don't know). The pattern is pretty straight forward to tie (Wollly Bugger), but has the unique extended beard of rootbeer marabou and some flash. The fly is reputed to ride hook up, probably because of the over sized beard? The fly was offered by Gary Lewis here


Fly Tying & Fishing Your “Hmmm’s?”

Fly Tying, for me, often results in dozens of finished flies that just don’t quite come together as planned. Experiments (most often) off the beaten tying patterns path or just distractions and lack of focus have resulted in flies that maybe get tucked into a fly box (if lucky) or into a lumping of such uninspiring patterns into a sandwich bag, lidded box or such, and forgotten.

Maybe some of those Hmmm’s (you look at them in the vise or fly box and say a quizzical or exasperated ‘Hmmm?’) deserve an experiment on the water? Such is the below pictured pattern. A little ’emerger’ pattern that is a sloppy tie, but isn’t it worth a try? Frankly, if no one ever saw what we tied or we didn’t take pictures and display them for scrutiny, who would know their visual worth beyond you and the fish?

I have plenty more where this came from!

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