Berdie Judd Slams Boob Quake’s Jen McCreight

When last I wrote about the infamous Berdie Judd, she mentioned she was off to advocate for women’s rights in the Middle East. I was somewhat certain she would run afoul of some cleric or other authority figure as is her intended purpose. It appears she did not. She is heading back to an as yet undesignated location to celebrate the April 26th Boob Quake spectacle. 

She wrote me: “Once again, I am shedding my linens to expose my God given (to hell with Jen McCreight’s ilk) gifts and in doing so, I intend to show that a strong, non-negative woman (fag-hag fem’s) can inspire men and women to see the purposeful beauty in love and freedom of expression.” Hmmm? 

So, the intriguing (well at least to me) question remains: Where will Berdie set down to celebrate the exposed breast (Boob Quake) on April 26th. and will she once again run into the arms of the law? In this recent correspondence she made no mention of fly fishing, her husband (Charles Bradford) or whether she will return to reside in England. Best wishes Berdie Judd! You can enter Berdie Judd in the SwittersB search box (upper right side) for full accounting of her exploits and ‘accomplishments’. 

2 Responses to “Berdie Judd Slams Boob Quake’s Jen McCreight”

  1. 1 SB
    April 22, 2012 at 17:20

    You know I thought the same thing. Something different about her other than longer hair. Her correspondence was a bit more abrupt than usual…less personal. Well we shall see where she sets down and if she causes a rise in anyone…ur…I mean a fuss.


    • 2 SB
      April 22, 2012 at 21:54

      Berdie just dropped a message by:

      Berdie’s Just Fine
      Sunday, April 22, 2012 9:50 PM
      From: “Berdie Judd”
      Add sender to Contacts
      To: s3023b@yahoo.com
      Dearest Gary,

      Forgive me for my earlier tone. I am a bit on edge. Travels and the stress of planning multiple events have played havoc with my sleep. Rest assured I am well. The whole breast fiasco is more of a scintillating gotcha escapade. I may set down in Spain or the South of France. Truly the idea of a confrontation and all the aftermath is a bit much to be enthused about. I may just spend a week or so at a Naturist Beach and enjoy the views and take in sunshine at a more tolerable temperature. Frankly, the Middle East is intolerable in many ways, especially the heat.

      As for my fly fishing, I am contemplating, as I said before Southeastern Europe. I haven’t really experienced the region except in transit and it deserves more attention. Also, I am not so well known there.

      Wishing you and yours all the best. Thank you for the humorous support. You get my personality, I’ certain.

      Cheers ‘den
      Berdie Bye

      That seems to suggest less stress than her earlier correspondences.


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