Why in the heck do fish jump clean out of the water? I mean when they don’t have that hook in their jaw….

I imagine you have heard about that female fish loosening that skein of eggs or the odd fsh trying to shed bothersome lice or some critter. Perhaps, as I have seen on B.C.’s Tunkwa L., they are chasing a rocketing emerging Caddis beyond the surface many feet into the air. I have seen giant Sturgeon rocket up above the surface of the Snake River. Perhaps males are battling below and goose another to break the surface while escaping? Well, one guy thinks he has come up with another reason…..

“I am convinced that Mother Nature sees to it that every organism above a certain point in the food chain is blessed with enough sense of self to enjoy being what they are. One universal expression of this joy is the exuberance of physical activity. The whole-body rush as adrenaline and endorphins flood the system. The invigorating flush of heat and motion. The stretch and play of supple muscles, the dynamic tension between skin and ligament, bone and tendon as we each discover our physical limits. The range of emotions your face undergoes as you fight a fish leads us to the same conclusion. First surprise, followed in short order by confusion, concentration, determination and finally pride and joy as you bring the fish to net, all point to the same reason.

Fish jump because they can. Because it feels good. It’s that simple.”

Dennis Dobson

So, look at this pic of Denny Rickards with a mega trout. Look at that fish’s face and you tell me that fish isn’t chuckling: