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Trailer Art by Paige Bridges

A while back, I posted re my Aunt and Uncle (both departed) camping in a little home made trailer and fly fishing along the way. This morning, I came upon some work by Paige Bridges she calls ‘trailer art‘. Whether you grew up tent camping (that’s how I camped as a kid) or were around trailers or campers, these paintings of by gone times will resonate of long ago observations…check them out.

Sugar Shack by Paige Bridges

My Aunt in their version of the Sugar Shack...I'm sure. This home made trailer was a bright spot in my uncle and aunt's life as they camped and fly fished.


Every Day in May: Anarchists, Daffodils and Bananas

May 1st. The first topic of the Every Day in May Challenge. Such an assortment of thoughts cross through my mind and heart with this date. Some terrible, some irritating and some with great anticipation. Oh, please try to forget the marches and staged angst today. Forget that please.

From a May Day long ago, I can recall three little, sisters, daffodils in hand, that exited a school bus and walked into the path of a truck. Their mother witnessed that. Her life changed forever. I recall the daffodils and hopes lying in the street that May Day. Innocence lay motionless. Contrast is necessary in life to move forward. Let’s leave such darkness and move toward the light. We all have something back there over our shoulder…don’t look back.

May Day, for me, now suggests rebirth, freshness, new growth and opportunity. The outdoors. Yes, fly fishing too.

The beginning of May has more often than not brought forth the first trout outings, the first camping trips,  the Stoneflies and warmth on the bones. Escape…Escaping the confines of work, memories and the righteous.

Positive things seems possible. We feel better. We move better. Don’t let the bad juju of old taint what promises to be a beautiful Summer. The Every Day in May Challenge will certainly get us all off to a good start! We will have it made in the shade by the lake. I just had to figure out how to get this Kush ‘Banana’ painting in here. Happy May Day!!!

Vladimir Kush

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