The empty palette waits, thread, feathers and attractive materials.

I came to fly fishing two ways: back packing into wilderness areas in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area (N.E Oregon) and chasing Steelhead on the Sandy River above the Revenue Bridge over thirty five years ago. I borrowed flies from friends that tied. I came from a ‘gear’ background (mostly spinners, spoons and corkies/yarn). Fly tying was something my long departed uncle had done, but nothing I had ever witnessed.

I learned from others about patterns and presentation for Steelhead and ‘bows and Brookies. I had come from a backgound of exciting/inciting/provoking hits with ‘hardware’. It worked. Now, I fished with men that focused on location, presentation and the  color/movement in their fly patterns. In many ways it was the same, but different. Fly fishing seemed/was harder….for awhile. I took fly tying classes some 30 years ago and have never gone long without tying something every year.

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Suddenly mayflies, stoneflies, caddis, hoppers, ants and midges entered the vocabulary. Tying demanded ‘why’s’ and, low and behold the answers were there. Suddenly, I had to learn about what, where, when and how in the insect’s and fish’s world and accordingly tie patterns to match those questions and answers.

Thirty five + years later, I still tie. It is pretty much seasonal now. I tie in the Winter, catching up with depleted patterns and tying patterns that just seem fresh, unique, innovative to entice the fish.

Tying is creative and presents multiple paths: the established route, the tried and true patterns that by virtue of actual worth or hyped worth are tied after others tell you they are worthy OR, the innovative/creative path…experimental, unique or stretched derivations of established patterns.

Whether because I am rebellious or suffer from ADD/PTSD or am truly creative (I doubt the latter), I do tend to tie a few established patterns, at least for awhile, and then venture off into the creative side. I love it! Flies that are truly experimental. Flies that are failures or epic…part of the fun of experimentation. I am an average tier, at best, but I derive so much pleasure from the whole creative process. 

Tying offers me a buzz of ‘maybe’s’ & ‘what if’s’ during the doldrums of Winter and a sparkle of anticipation on a warm Summer evening. Pick your palette. Grab the bobbin and create. Tying (fly tying) is the icing on the Fly Fishing cake.