‘PRAYING’ an empowering notion; a sustaining act. Each in their own way perform prayer; some in earnest and mechanical….some with crossed fingers. My last five years in particular have repeatedly tested my ability to withstand all manner of obstacles by myself.

The reality is, I have never been very good at handling the swirl of chaotic life unless I stop, and take the time to pray. We each do it in our own way. I rarely utter words aloud. I think my prayers and I often rephrase them with more emphasis to pierce the static out there, or is it in there, so I am heard.

To me, heretical as it may seem, there is NO greater church than the outdoors. I tend to abstain from the structure or individuals that assume positions. I don’t want the middleman. I don’t particularly like the confines of a pew. 

Today is a day of prayer as every day is really. Not so much because today is Sunday. Today marks the two year anniversary of my mom’s passing. It was a rough closure. I will visit her grave side today to say hello to her and my dad. Silly some would say, but it is paying homage to what they gave me and to who they were. It’s the right thing to do and I am blessed that I had that kind of relationship with them in the end. It is fuel for reality about one’s own life. It is fuel for prayer.

Today also, is my sweet grand daughter’s First Holy Communion. Ceremonial and obligatory to some, it is more than dutiful attendance and momentary attention to the altar and cross. It is a chance to pause and reconnect. A chance to assess where you are and where you should be. And, yes a chance to bow your head and seek some assistance or forgiveness through praying.

A touch serious? A touch uncomfortable or off putting? Well, just picture that outdoor altar you feel most comfortable at. I have mine and I often think “Oh my God, this is so beautiful.” There is not better place to reconnect, to pray, to seek guidance than knee deep in the river. Go ahead. Slow down. Ease the brain from the fishing moment and find that quiet place in your heart and hold your own service. No one around you will know. Maybe you will be totally alone…all the better. Of course, you are not alone.

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