Well, I am honored by, Teri (FlyFishBrat) at Recipes From My Kitchen, who has nominated me for a blogging award…The Versatile Blogger Award. Not having received a lot of recognition for writing about what I so love, this is different.

I just received the coveted Sunshine Award for my Hoarding Woes blog site. All this in one week makes me think my ‘versatile’ side is showing. I am truly thankful Teri for your kindness and effort to pass it on.

So, when one receives one of these awards there are a few requirements that go along with the award. You provide a few (7) details about yourself and then you select those blogs you feel are worthy of this award. The latter is very difficult because there are so many worthy writers out there. But, the point is to pass on a bit of kindness and smiles isn’t it.

So, first a few things about me: (1) I am a rare commodity in Portland, Oregon…I was born and raised here and still live here; (2) I often find myself surrounded by two dogs (Emma & Harley) and a cat (Penelope) at night so I really never get to stretch out at night; also, every morning between 5:55am and 6:05am Penny and Emma conspire to wake me up for breakfast (I did not teach them to tell time…I blame Harley); (3) My favorite flowers are Roses and Fuchsia because they were my parents and I am sentimental about such things; (4) I hate Judge Judy; (5) I have two tattoos and plan on more, but will need to be greatly inspired for the next time…nothing so far; (6) my favorite historian is Gale Ontko, who wrote the Thunder Over the Ochoco series…and I have visited his grave in a small cemetery East of Prineville, Oregon; (7) I prefer Beef ribs over Pork ribs.

My nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

1.  Winona Fly Factory (inquisitive & innovative)

2.  Mysteries Internal (Erin is a wonderful writer)

3.  Planet Trout (way more than fly fishing…old Hollywood there too)

4.  Bail Fly (exquisite artistry)

5.  Fresh Start (starting over)

6.  MiddleScapes (BlessedBeBeth)

7.  Graham Owen Photography (beauty)

8.  Stella Marr (Anti-Prostitution Efforts)

9.  Urge To Wander (Visual Passion)

10. Val Millett  (Paradise Found)