Every Day in May Outdoor Bloggers Challenge: Today’s Topic Grinning & Laughing

SwittersB very young in a poor part of town. Aren’t I a pathetic little muffin?

There is something seemingly devious in some of the topics selected over at How Small a Trout for the writing challenge. Someone has a probing psyche over there or perhaps that is just projection on my part.

Well now, I certainly don’t do enough grinning and laughing. I smirk a lot. I nod and wrinkle up around the eyes with the lips barely parted and smirk in approval. Not a derogatory smirk, but a positive nod toward something. Yes, the glass is half full most of the time despite life’s swirl.

I came from parents that had had hard lives. Their hard lives were despite the Depression and WWII, so ‘hard’ is the emphasized word here. They shared that edge with me. They meant well.

I once spoke before a group of doctors and shrinks for a medical symposium. I was out of my element, but was brought in to speak to a side of life they dealt with mostly from a clinical approach. Later, in a journal, I was described as “a dark, sensitive poet….often speaking as if thoughtful and bemused…” That captures much of my outer personal…thoughtful and bemused and smirking.

Well, you might wonder, ‘what the hell puts a smile on your face?’ This is about ‘grinning and laughing’ after all. Well, like most of you non-teetotalers, a few bebidas in me and the yoke is setting in the corner and I am a happy boy. The music gets the happy feet moving and I am louder and darn near gregarious. No, I am not drunk. Should that happen, the dark, sensitive poet emerges and that boyhood is too readily shared. No, I just get a bit louder, bolder and borderline dare devil. Not a dare devil like “hey Earl hold my beer and watch this”, but a little more demonstrative. 

But, beyond the alcohol induced euphoria, there are a few things that do elicit that grin and guffaw. Posing that special fish. Holding that child or grandchild with unabashed pride. Watching others roll with laughter (laughing, smiling, smirking is contagious).

My Grandson is a joy. He runs, jumps and spins through life with a smile…his smile and zest for life is totally contagious. He and all my kids and grandchildren are a reminder of enjoying life. Innocence maintained for as long as possible. A sign that life has been presented to these children with the door open to go join life’s party and have fun. It is ok to laugh, grin and smile. Bless them all.

Yes, life does have its joys and moments of elation and I can be seen sitting near it with a thoughtful and bemused smirk on my face (read that as a grin & a silent laugh).

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Blogger’s Challenge Topic is: Conservation