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Machu Picchu Photography @ Let’s Be Friends, Let’s Be Amie

Machu Picchu, in Peru, has always intrigued me. It is the visuals and then the questions of history playing out. The jagged peaks, the green, the structures, the terraces combine to provide and inviting place to gaze out and take it all in. Except I have read enough to know I should have made the trip a few years back given the altitude and ailments equation. None the less, Amie made the journey and has some unique shots and more to follow, it appears. Check out the photography and imagine.

Machu Picchu Photograph from Let’s Be Amie

“The mountain that you see in the majority of the photos of Machu Picchu is Huayna Picchu. There is another temple and terrace complex on it. And if you buy your ticket in advance, you can climb it! The only let 200 people a day do the climb, and before we got to Peru, we were debating if we wanted to. The way our legs were feeling like jelly as we walked around the Park, we were glad that you had to buy tickets in advance, because there was no way we would be making it up.” (Let’s Be Friends, Let’s Be Amie)


Every Day in May Challenge: Waders (Old, Stained & Yellowed)


The best purchase I have ever made in all my years of fly fishing. No rod, no reel, no vest, no pack, nothing equals the purchase of my Gore Tex waders quite a few years ago. Closely associated are the best possible boots to go with them. Getting out of those old, foul, smelly, tight, ugly neoprene waders, a supposed improvement over the old rubberized wader of old, was the best thing I ever did.

 Dirtied, soiled, stained…’rode hard and put away wet’ my Simms waders (you can pick your own non-neoprene, Gore Tex brand of waders). Well worth the investment. Nothing worse than trying to shimmy out of those old, wet neo’s on a sub freezing Winter day. Did I mention I hated those old neoprene waders?

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