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Every Day in May Challenge Topic: Fish, Fish, Fish

It is what it is all about. The Moment. The connection. All the tying, fiddling with gear, scenery, pretty talk about communing, it is all secondary to a fish. Sometimes, often, their beauty is inspiring. Rarely do they disappoint with their response. I don’t know, was I suppose to write a lot or just show some fish, fish, fish?

I have not explored too far and wide catching all manner of fish. Rainbows, Cutts, Brooks, Dolly, Whitefish, Carp, Bonefish, Trevally, Coho, Chinook, Steelhead, Pinks, Chum, Bass, Bull Trout, Browns, Atlantic’s, Kokanee, Goldens have come to my fly, but really not in great numbers like some fortunate souls. I love them all. I especially love trout…all trout.

Solving the Puzzle. Studying, Tying, Imagining, Creating, Observing, Presentation, The Moment. Big or Small… I love fish!

Splash & Dash

True Religion Indeed

The Chapel of Love

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Challenge Topic: More Fish


Fly Tying Materials: Penny Sorts My Capes

In the mornings, when the birds first start their chirping, Penny the Cat can be found sitting in a window listening, making this little chortling/chirping sound of her own. Her head turns and cants in all directions as she watches the temptations flitting about outside. Because she is a house cat her instincts are perhaps a bit rusty. Remember it was almost a year ago (early June) when Penny the Cat was rescued from atop a tree in my back yard. But, perhaps her instincts aren’t that rusty.

As I came through the door last night, I was met by a feathery sight. Penny ran to me and circled around my legs, rubbing up against my shins as cats do. She walked over amidst the disaster and rolled about in apparent cat bliss.

I really can’t blame anyone but me. This is about the fourth time this has happened. I have gone form capes in gallon freezer bags atop my fly tying station, to inside boxes to under a heavy object. Penny the Cat was successful at extricating two large bags of six capes and assorted loose feathers and spreading her attack not just in the living room, but into the family room and upstairs. I suspect that Harley the Maltipoo had a hand in this two, while Emma the Lab probably snored through it all. 

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