Every Day in May: Lessons Learned…Basic Stuff


Lessons Learned. Potentially the biggest topic of the whole crazy May Write-A-Thon. But alas, many will be off doing the holiday weekend bit…Memorial Day. So, I will keep it short and sweet.

Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience

Whether fishing, camping, teaching, mentoring, sharing, encouraging, loving, waiting, talking, listening….patience. You know if this applies to you or if it doesn’t. You really don’t get too many chances, too many mistakes in this particular part of life. Don’t be a jerk.



At least yearly prepare a checklist of fishing gear, camping gear, survival gear, camera gear, first aid gear. If you fish for multiple species with different rods, reels, gear bags, fly boxes it is important to make sure gear you need for one trip (Steelhead) isn’t stowed away in another gear bag (Stillwater stuff) that isn’t making the trip. Even if you only fish for one species keep the list if you infrequently fish. Things I have forgotten: wading boots, fins, spare spools/lines, raincoat, stocking cap, gloves, camera, fishing license/tags, tippet material, my ass if it wasn’t attached.



Age, injuries, surgeries, dwindling health….take a toll over time. I recall not too many years ago wading against fast thigh high waters, carrying heavy gear uphill, kicking and rowing across a big lake. I have seen a chain reaction because of injuries and surgeries. Most of these are because of car accidents, falls and impacts. Maybe more of those could have been avoided. But, aside from injuries/surgeries/recovery-rehab, there is general fitness that must be maintained as one gets older….do it! 

Life Interruptus

Keep the faith. If you have life’s commitments, ‘bumism’ will end. I use to fish a minimum of one or two days a week for quite a few years. Responsibilities caught up. It became impossible to fish more than a dozen times a year and finally a half dozen times a year. How in the hell can a guy that writes a fly fishing blog fish so few times? I have remarked about it before: parent’s medical conditions, appointments, work, hospice, deaths, estate cleanup, prioritizing family needs…on and on. Time, energy, focus are diverted away. And then, if you have kept the faith small windows of opportunity open. Take a breath. Stand up. Find those old checklists. Reassemble the gear. Keep it simple. Go! My opportunities are finally reappearing. I’m ready. Heck, I’ve been tying enough flies to fill a shop.

See, simple truths…simple reminders. You already knew all this. A refresher of sorts.

2 Responses to “Every Day in May: Lessons Learned…Basic Stuff”

  1. May 26, 2012 at 13:14

    Get out there and enjoy it.. and try not to forget anything important. 🙂


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