No, this isn’t another story about that goof ball N.Y. City Mayor Bloomberg playing Nanny to ban Big Gulps!

“The additional bacteria we carry on skin, in particular sweat and traces of fecal matter (yes even on adults), gets mixed in the pool. “If disinfectant isn’t right, bacteria is allowed to grow in pools, so someone accidentally consumes a mouthful of water like we all do when we’re swimming and suddenly they’re subject to serious bacteria like E.coli or salmonella.”

The high risk offenders, according to the Center for Disease Control, are those water recreational parks, a dangerous combination of packs of young swimmers and lots of accidental gulps.” (more on fecal matter and bacteria in your kid’s mouth) Hey, Mayor Bloomberg go after peeing in public pools!!

Now you look at that public pool differently, don’t you? No ‘accidental gulps’!