Photography: I love photography. But, admittedly, I fall prey to the ‘Auto’ mode more often than not. So, I am not a true photographer concerned with f-stops and shutter speeds. I do experiment with it, but more with my macro work when photographing the fly patterns. So, I just snap and see (a new terminology and you can use it: S & S). I would prefer to take landscapes of scenic mountain ranges or meadows. For now my back yard was my meadow of sorts.

This old wagon wheel has leaned against this alder tree for at least sixteen years. It has never been treated, something I regret. So it sags ever so slightly, like I do, ever so slightly, as the years pass by. The lush green is the result of 14″ of rain the past few months (a record even for Portland) and I have been remiss in not getting out the vines that are encroaching upon the Iris, the Wheel and my wonderful clanging bell. The bell is situated where it only rings when the East wind howls down the Columbia River Gorge in the Winter. Right now it would never clang as the vines have their grip upon the bell’s clanger. I do need to get out there and cut things back a bit.