Mayan Doomsday predictions: “These include a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, severe solar storms associated with the 11-year solar cycle (which may peak in 2012), a reversal of Earth’s rotation axis, a 90- degree flip of the rotation axis, bombardment by large comets or asteroids, bombardment by gamma rays, or various unspecified lethal rays coming from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy or…” (goofballs & sillysocks) 

A Mayan Crop Circle…A True Indication of Things to Come

Well, obviously, one should not plan an outing on December 21, 2012. No Christmas shopping, office parties, or hitting the local rivers for some Steelhead or Sea going Browns. If nothing else, you should be ready anyway with your current survival kit of peanut butter, beans, gold and ammo. It should suit you just fine in the new post Mayan apocalypse. (For You Mayan Paranoid Smarty Pants)

Solunar Tables and Tidal predictions are an interesting concept for fishing. Of course, tide charts are instrumental in salt water and tide water strategizing. I wonder if they are for inland freshwater fishing (the moon phase aspect, I mean). I have fished under a full moon on a B.C. lake and remember it being quite excellent, that one time. I do believe barometric pressure is a far more significant indicator for fishing fluctuations. I have never been diligent enough to chart the weather conditions and changes when on the water. But, I wonder if any of you have and could offer input?

I still think Bora Bora or a similar island paradise is suitable place to hang out over the Christmas break just to avoid the goofballs. I mean by the time we get through this abysmal election cycle and weather all the BS of the politicians and Occupy ilk it well may seem the end is near.