My oh my. The .00001% can occupy every damn public place they want to at a ridiculous cost to the Portland citizenry, but let one angler with a rod/reel/license work a line along the ‘public’ docks in downtown Portlandia and you will be tagged by the ever vigilant, obviously mismanaged Park’s Platoon. Sgt. Shultz where are you? Colonel Klink is obviously in charge of this one.


You are  thinking, I can hear it. Ah…yes, makes sense to avoid conflicts with boaters and ….well no…in fact in a recorded interview the head of the Park’s Platoon said he had never heard of any conflicts. Huh? Well, I am sure the just hoards of fishermen that are creating chaos, waste and confrontation are a menace to Portlandians. Such nonsense!!!

A Cited Fisherman….now excluded from a public space for 6 months.