Such a critter! From Lake Corpus Christie

“Crawford, with his fishing bow, stalked the great fish carefully, knowing he might only get one shot.  When he finally fired, he scored a direct hit, unleashing the fury of the 8-foot, 2-inch beast, which created an explosion of mud and water before it ran toward the lake.

Big problem, because the nylon cord had become tangled at Crawford’s feet, and when he grabbed the line, as it began to tighten, it became wrapped around his hand.  The line went taut and the fish yanked the fisherman into the water headfirst. That’s when Crawford’s dog, Bleux, grabbed him by the cuff of the jeans, creating a bizarre riverbank tug-of-war.” (Link)

Kind of like a Sturgeon with Teeth. What does one do with that much Alligator-Gar?