This photograph was taken in my parent’s back yard as we readied to sell their home after their passing. The playhouse had become a storage place for lumber, an unfitting use considering the intent of building it for their grandsons and what took place in and around the little fort.

I recall several such places like this that my dad built over the years for me. Sturdy, honest construction. Some had ladders to a roof, and others bunk beds. Some had window panes and some were open to the imagination of what loomed outside. Forts and Imagination Stations. My dad built these as surprises. Tired and a busy man, often working two jobs, he built these places to pretend as true signs of love. 

The imagination one has as a child. Pretending. Imagery. Physical effort. Acting. Following or Leading as others participated. Morning sunshine. Evening dusk. Wood floors or dirt floors. Hiding…Seeking. Sneaking. Costumes. Toys. Daydreaming.

Imagination & Fly Fishing