In one form or another, we have all heard of the saying “you can never go home again“. The Pacific NW is seemingly full of folks that moved West from Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas….hell the Mid West. Many, like my father in law sold the family farm 40+ years ago, because no one else wanted to work it and he was losing his money and sanity. He moved the family West for more stability and opportunity. Others in the family remained behind working their parcels of land and eventually retiring.  

Recently, one of my sons traveled back to the home again with his grandparents….to visit surviving elders for a probable last hurrah and to check out the old farm. One symbolic piece still stands that gives a sense you can go home again if only to point at what was………….

The last vestige of the old farm…the old homestead. A silo with his grandfather’s name still visible. TMuncy