Have you sensed the extra tension brought to your life while passing through airport security these days? Maybe it is just me. I was always excited to travel before. Now, I just have this elevated sense of anxiety and resentment to get past some bozo’s with an inflated sense of duty. Yes, yes….’just trying to protect you’….whatever. So speaking of inflated, imagine this ‘problem’ as Johan Falcon attempts to pass through airport security with his super schwantz taped to his thigh…apparently a record breaking appendage that freaked airport security. They can never be too careful or embarrassed.


So, this remotely segways into when you attempt to pass through airport security do you have a clear idea if reels, lines, flies, rods are acceptable for carry on? I would be interested if anyone has access to a definitive statement on the transporting, as carry on, of fly fishing’s basic implements. I have read varied opinions re this and have had varied responses at airports. Flies ‘yes’…flies ‘no’ for example.