Emma sniffing the morning air, red winged black birds chirping in the reeds along the lakes edge, chipmunks scurrying over old, downed trees. The morning sunshine feels good on the face as I smoke my briar.


by SwittersB

 Camping has always been about receiving and bestowing

Early in my life the preparation by Dad was full of strife

Planning what to take was always countered by his wife

At odds they argued, packed and repacked and that was life

Good friends were invited to tag along thank goodness

Fishing was the first passion of camping 

Girls camping nearby became the new passion 

I learned to build fires, to set up camp in a fashion

Later I passed on my acquired skills to my family with pride

Over the years no activity has so satisfied

As Camping’s assorted visual and bestowed blessings

Family, nature’s bounty, time for introspection

Trees, water, mountains, fresh air provide an injection

of renewal and help remove the grime of urban blight

Morning coffee and my briar, sitting by the camp fire

My dog sniffing the air nose held high, I am lost 

Lost in thought of the past. Regrets, sadness, stress

The morning birds chirping, the ease of the dawn

Removes the grit in the mind, removes the harshness

I am refreshed while the family still sleeps