First of all let me apologize for the abysmal photographs of the object in question. Had one crack at it in low light with my cell phone. Poor results, but perhaps someone is enough of a weapons guru to see through the haze and say…’oh yes…easy…that’s a whatchamacallit rifle’????

A medium caliber bolt action, rifle. I identified a Japanese WW2 Bayonet with scabbard. In another part of the house was this rifle tucked away. The numbering on the elevated sights is in ‘normal’ numbers. The Serial # is indecipherable to me. The hinged loops for the shoulder strap are on the inside of the weapon. Any help appreciated if someone can make out even a portion of the serial number to assess origin. Again, very sorry for the quality of images. Oh, I don’t have the bayonet close at hand to see if it fits the rifle.