In 2007, I traveled with friends to Christmas Island. I have written about the preparation and suggestions I thought of after the trip (query Christmas Island in the search box to the right). I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, much like you enjoy difficult events years later…only remembering the high points.

Standing on a flat gazing out toward the outer barriers and the edge of the flat, the darker aqua colored water. Deeper off the edge, it is the source of what creatures decide to cruise the flat in search of prey. The search for movement, shadows and contrast consumes the eyes as the relentless wind batters your ears. SwittersB

My only regret was not having more of an opportunity to have my catches recorded by the guide. Few wanted to put forth the effort to capture the events. I was often fishing alone and unable to juggle the camera and the fish. These days, you have gizmo’s like the Go Pro Hero (my son has one of these) that can capture the events, while perched atop your head.