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The Fix Is Removed…Cut Off…Better Make Your Memories Now

Seriously, what could possibly keep you from fishing, from fly fishing? I mean demographically you have all that disposable income and time to travel far and wide. You are that rare creature that can bum around and just go with never a concern for job, family or obligations. I mean how lucky! Just imagine what would happen if that were cut off. Not just for a month, but maybe months, if not a year or more. 

Now, if you are the fisherman (so tedious to be all inclusive, so I won’t bother) that is out there for the opener and the yearly camping trip and then the one trip in the Fall for Salmon, well I don’t really mean you, but I know you do like those outings. No, I am referring to the guy that use to go several times a month if not weekly. What if you could not fish or even sit and tie. How could that happen?

The ability, the motivation, the passion to fish or tie has been seriously interrupted. The obvious intrusive forces are eventually, for most, there: family, work, health and life. Not to be dismissed because of their apparent obvious possibilities…they are the most powerful forces that individually or in combination remove that rod or bobbin from your hand. 

Like the old athlete, warrior, outdoorsman…I hope you accumulated your memories while you could because withdrawal, addiction, mind tweaking aggravation is a very uncomfortable condition; especially if there are no recollections of rivers, stream, lakes and the piscatorial encounters that carry us through the withdrawals. Better make memories while you can. 


Dry Floral Arrangement on the Deschutes River

Stark contrast of shades of brown against grey rock. The Deschutes River is nearby and the lush green borders of grasses and trees are a beautiful buffer to the rugged beauty above headed toward the railroad tracks. Summer Steelhead are pushing up the Columbia River now.  Soon their numbers will show in the Deschutes River.

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