Nothing delicate about this fly. Tied on a size 10 sprout style hook, size 8/0 black thread helps bind the Caddis Green vinyl V-Rib in first (at the rear like the typical ribbing material). Then an abdomen was dubbed of hare’s ear, spikes and all. The V-Rib was wound close together at the beginning and then spaced apart like normal ribbing up over the rabbit dubbing. The Teal feather was tied in tip first and wrapped around the shank about two times so that the tips of the barbs don’t extend much past the rear of the hook. The tie off points for the dubbing, ribbing and feather were covered with a few turns of the same hare’s ear dubbing. A simple thread head finished the fly off. 

A pattern to be swung through riffles and busy currents more than plopped upon the surface.