“I live on the chesapeake and encourage everyone to take 5 minutes and do a couple google searches. It will open your eyes and deeply sadden you at the same time. We have commercial boats from Omega corp cleaning every last menhaden out of the bay. These fish are VERY important to our eco system but unfortunately Omega Protein also has lots of money to give to our local politicians. Spread the word.” Comment at SwittersB from Blair a concerned citizen near Chesapeake Bay.

Catch of increasingly decimated Menhaden fish by Omega (2009)

So, I am being a bit sarcastic here and I admittedly don’t know the scale of resistance toward this seeming over harvest of the fish by Omega…but, I don’t find much on this as a cause for the activist that pine away over Pebble and over harvest in the North Atlantic? Perhaps not the same magnitude? Perhaps the poor Manhaden is not as revered? Perhaps the folks of Chesapeake Bay don’t pack the same cultural weight as the Alaskan tribes, not the commercial fishermen? Just asking. Just wondering??? Perhaps there is a full fledged movement to stop or moderate Omega Protein’s harvest rate? Is it monitored? Certainly the Obama Administration and his enviro guru’s are dialed in on this fish oil, pet food, fertilizer manufacturer??? Someone Trying?

Maybe we need a circle decal with Omega in the middle and a line drawn through. Of course, such feel good, spread the word tools may be too late for the lowly Menhaden?

Someone please enlighten me and not in that indignant tone please. What is being done? Please note the link I provided was posted in 2009, the picture from 2009….it was a supposed problem then. The comment from Blair is now.

Oh Gosh! This pictures tells me a F…ing lot…now things are more clear.