SwittersB is honored to acknowledge Teri Taylor,   the renowned recipe rustler over at Recipes From My Kitchen nominated me for The Beautiful Blogger Award. The award’s process calls for you to point toward the special person that nominated you for the award; tell some interesting things (7) about yourself that may help people to know you better and lastly to point toward other blogs you follow or admire, which calls for you to nominate them for The Beautiful Blogger Award.

This awards process generates a lot of appreciation and positive karma flowing through the blogosphere. There are many gifted writers, artists, photographers, recorders of life out there. Looking beyond your own blog, your own research and writing, enhances your life and gives one greater appreciation of others.

So, a few things about me that provide further enlightenment about SwittersB……..

1. When I was 22 years old, I was stricken with GuillainBarré syndrome. I was paralyzed for the better part of three months and then commenced a long recovery that took the better part of a year. I was again stricken by the malady twenty years later, although that bout was of shorter duration. I have never  fully recovered from it and have some permanent nerve loss and strength loss.

2. My 8th Grade year, I stood alone, on stage, in an assembly and sang a solo…for the life of me I cannot remember what it was, only that I was scared to death. Later, that year I won a dance contest with Mary Ann Butler.

3. I love all things gardening. My favorite flowers are Fuchsias, Roses and Sunflowers.

4. I am considering retiring for the second time. If the stars align just right, it will be in about one year.

5. I went to Russia to teach a course on ethics, to law enforcement personnel, for one month in the early 90’s. No, I don’t speak Russian.

6. I can’t swim a lick. My freshman year in college, I took a Beginning Swimming class. I was the only one in the class that truly needed a beginning swimming course.

7. I am of Irish-French (Father) and French (Hungarian/Banat Region)-German (Mother) decent. A few years back, I spent the better part of two years researching through all the branches of my family with pretty good success.

So, drum roll please. Here are my nominees for The Beautiful Blogger Award. 

~The Leisurely Life with Cindy Knoke

~Brainstorms: How Epilepsy & Writing Connect with Maggie Mendus

~BuckWheatsRisk by Zoe G.

~A Gripping Life with Lisa

~Smell My Paws with Kitty Drunk Drunk (Go With the Flow)

~Movin’ On with Gunta

~The Limp Cobra with Marc Fauvet

There you have my selections. A diverse spread of talents that will add enjoyment to your day. I will individually contact each nominee. Thank you Teri!!!