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Ranch Life: Hot Rod Cowgirl @ The Juniper T Ranch

The Hot Rod Cowgirl of the Juniper T Ranch in Oregon receives all those special awards for Sweetness and Specialness and it is evident she deserves them. I enjoyed and I am sure you will to her blog  Hot Rod Cowgirl 

Family, traditions, heritage and obvious hard work. What’s not to like. Check out her awards, her blog and the sites she pointed to in passing on the love.


Juniper T Brand



Leeches: Far & Wide

Leeches are often considered a staple for stillwater fly fishers. How often we actually see leeches is interesting to contemplate.  Other than in B.C. lakes, I have not seen leeches in the shoreline muck and detritus of the lakes I fish, yet I (you?) profess to imitate them all the time. I think it is more of a regional thing, I am sure I spend little enough time really looking. 

But, hey, should you actually find some and contemplate collecting them, here is an interesting few things to consider about leeches at The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things. Some creepy things at this site. Don’t blame me.


Wet Hands…Safer Fish: The Why

“Catching and releasing trout is usually performed as quickly as possible with minimal playing and handling time. Excessive playing can damage a trout’s throat and gills. Plus, the skin of a trout is covered with a substance that protects it from disease and infections. Our dry hands (and even nets) can wipe this substance from the skin, exposing the trout to harm.” (X)

Rightly so, we are advised to wet our hands before handling a fish, because we might harm the protective coating of the fish with dry, abrasive hands or nets. But, what is that protective coating?

“Fish secrete a mucoprotein protective slime coat that covers the scales and skin. This slime coat acts as a defense against invasion by bacterial, parasitic, and fungal pathogens.” (more here @ Arkansas Stripers)

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