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Fly Tying With Carpet Samples

Of late, well the last 2+ years, I have been preoccupied with hoarding houses (Mom/Aunt…Hoarding Woes & You). Today, I found this carpet sample deal and considered portions of it for fly tying.

Here the colors are more evident. This is short fibered carpet. Each twisted fiber is approximately 1/3″. I selected several colors. Each swatch is, of course, enough for several years of tying what? Caddis patterns, we shall see and I will share.


Photography: Quick Snap of My Little Green Friend

While working at the Hoarding House today, I was encountering somewhat sleepy pests and critters. Two Yellow Jackets ended up on my neck, falling from a Birch tree as I moved beneath the leaves, brushing by enough to dislodge them. Luckily, I didn’t get nailed.

Sitting on my shoulder, having walked down from my neck. After the yellow jackets, I am glad I didn’t freak out and do damage brushing the little guy off.

But another friend, a little green friend somehow ended up on my neck and shoulder and stayed long enough to pose before fluttering off. I am not sure what the little guy is, but a brilliant green body, wings, red eyes and red bands on the legs caught my eye.

Final pose before taking flight into the vegetation nearby.


Photography of Gertrude Käsebier

Came upon this interesting historical photography (silly phrase, now that I look at it) at Clanmother blog re the works of Gertrude Käsebier. Additional info re Gertrude Käsebier here at Faded and Blurred




Trout’s Lateral Line & Blushing Beauty

The lateral line, visible on the trout is for what? The usual explanation is it allows the fish to sense movement of ‘prey’ in order to avoid risk or find food. It also allows the trout, or other fish with a lateral line, to sense water pressure, which helps the fish know depth, location relative to other fish and objects and maintain their position in a migratory school.

Some studies suggest that a lack of vision (chemically induced in lab) is less important to the fish than a less efficient lateral line. The lateral line is the eyes, ears and remote touch in one placed wedged between beautiful dark olives and silver/white bellies.

It’s all more complicated than I muddled through, but again easy on that fish, when handling…nice and gentle. No squeezing, no holding it ever through/under the kill plate like some goofballs do, and again no dry hands or rough nets.

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