Food Safety? Really? Well, I guess we need to be healthy and free to explore and pursue, right?

I try to avoid the over reaching and feverish involvement in most ’causes’ or just whatever the outspoken ones are up in a roar about. So let me veer off a bit here.

The food safety issue does concern me. Cancer has touched many parts of my family and friends. In our everyday life, we really don’t have a handle on the immediate causes beyond some fuzzy admonitions…some worthy (avoid sun damage) and some more vague (eat more natural, organic foods). What about all the processed, altered foods we consume. I wonder……………

The new French research is alarming. Monsanto is taken to task as genetically engineering food that allegedly has a high probability of causing cancerous tumors and accelerated mortality.  The French government is even reviewing the study to possibly advocate banning such food products from entering the Euro Union.

Monsanto, out of St. Louis, MO. of course has a counter to the study saying:  “Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies performed on biotech crops to date, including more than a hundred feeding studies, have continuously confirmed their safety.”

Maybe I have missed the coverage, but I have not read or heard much about this seemingly critical study with the MSM.  

Here are some links to the concern re the study. Some are strident…some are merely reporting and some are graphic. What is the truth here? Is this the fringe’s cause or should we all be very alert re this? I suspect the latter.

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