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Fly Tying Materials: Never Enough?

I have so much fly tying materials! I do run low on certain things, like right now, I need to re-up on certain colors of marabou and rabbit strips. But, otherwise I have enough for years to come.

So, when I was out the other day, I came upon a dead hawk. It had been there for a bit and was damaged. But, I did gather a small amount of feathers for wing material. Not much, just a bit  that will make a great wing.

Here I harvested just a few feathers…just because they were there. I have been admonished/warned/shamed by commenter Craig about harvesting ‘raptor’ feathers. Hmm? What can I say? 


Wading Boot Studs: Moron Take Your Boots Off!

Were you raised in a damn barn! How damn dumb to wear your wading boots into a home and ruin the wood floors. Perfect time for those oversized Crocs…yes Crocs…to slip on over your wader’s stocking feet.


Your Special Good Karma Spot?

Do you have that special spot, or two, that is magical? A spot where positive karma abounds because of past encounters? This is a spot that borders on a love affair…just you and a fish or two. A spot that yields epic memories and the one you think of when Winter has cut you off from the spot….that special spot the gives you ‘the moment’. Most of you have one that you think of.

For want of a better name, I have always called this spot the Back Channel and the end of that channel, the Damsel Bay. This is one of my ‘spots’. Epic encounters have happened here and almost every time the Trout has won the encounter. Callibaetis hatches like I have never seen before have been visible here against the sunlight filtered through the trees. Dragons and Damsels are prolific. And, a Damsel dry fly has always….always…resulted in a sound thrashing of the fly. Reeds, weeds, brush piles, jagged rocks, lily pads and sub surface trees snags conspire against the tippet as the Trout dives for a safe refuge. That presentation, the cast and wait, with the slightest draw and twitch, results in memories that will sustain me through Winter. I do need to ties up Damsel dries this Winter too.

This beautiful Rainbow Trout came to a Damsel. It was not ‘huge’ but it was a worthy fish in the hazard prone back bay. It gave me a memory to recall. The other two kicked my skinny ass and kept my flies. I will remember them as well!


How to net fish

A basic review of netting larger fish, whether in a river or lake: play the fish to the point you can steer the fish head first into the net. Not broadside, nor tail first. Backing a fish into a waiting net will allow the fish to propel up and out of the net with the power of the tail flexing. Broadside doesn’t work either. 

Here, the Trout’s head first, but the head is out of the water and would likely allow the fish to thrust with its tail and pivot off the barbless hook. It is better to keep the head down and pull the fish just along the surface, not up out of the water.

Above, the Trout was brought to the net, but it rebelled and thrashed away at the last moment. I let it go and did not stab at the fish with the net. Another bout or two of thrashing and the fish will be brought back up and glided on its side to the net’s opening…head first.

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