A basic review of netting larger fish, whether in a river or lake: play the fish to the point you can steer the fish head first into the net. Not broadside, nor tail first. Backing a fish into a waiting net will allow the fish to propel up and out of the net with the power of the tail flexing. Broadside doesn’t work either. 

Here, the Trout’s head first, but the head is out of the water and would likely allow the fish to thrust with its tail and pivot off the barbless hook. It is better to keep the head down and pull the fish just along the surface, not up out of the water.

Above, the Trout was brought to the net, but it rebelled and thrashed away at the last moment. I let it go and did not stab at the fish with the net. Another bout or two of thrashing and the fish will be brought back up and glided on its side to the net’s opening…head first.