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Chevrolet…Did You Know?

Geeze, I am really opening myself up here. But, my mind…free flowing at 4:45am this morning. Daylight savings time robbing me of deep sleep. My mind flitting about as I try to go back under before the dogs and cat commence begging.

My mind settles, for inexplicable reasons, on Coupe. A car. A coupe. Coupe? Is that French? Coupe de Ville? More French. DeSoto? That’s got to be Spanish. Chevrolet…hmm? French again? How did those names originate I wonder? The cat leaps upon my twitching toes…I am awake! I said it was free flowing. 

The 1916 Chevrolet logo

Ok, Louis-Joseph Chevrolet was not particularly French, but Swiss is close enough.

Louis-Joseph Chevrolet



Light Deprivation & Transition into Winter…Ugh


This is a difficult time of year for me. My mind is still awash with Summer and warmth and a sense of health. Fall closes in and darkness ensues and I realize I would have been a terrible cave dweller.  I wasn’t done enjoying the warmth, light and energy of longer days. I certainly wasn’t done fondling fish!

It’s right there before me…sort out the Winter gear. Start planning those Winter steelheading trips. Solitude, maybe sunny crisp days and hammer smashed fingers? Ice in the guides? I think not. Been there, done that.

Money is ever tighter and shrinking. Less travel toward warmth…maybe next year. So, what will I do to muddle through Winter? The holidays will be fine, but their passage seems to create an even starker contrast. I will just plan trips for next year, venture forth into the cold for a few trips for Steelhead and maybe Trout. Tie and tie, photographing my efforts and maybe at some point really improve my macro efforts. I think I will explore more with the camera and see what I can find out there to capture. Perhaps the pioneer cemetery explorations are in order now.

The state of my mind this time of year………..fuzzy recollections

Basic grey days of the Pacific NW cloud my mind. It is only November! What a whiner. OK, I feel better already…a plan of action to endure Seasonally Affected Disorder.


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