Interesting History of Chinese & ‘Insane Asylum’ Unmarked Graves

Block 14

Not a very exciting photo, this SW corner on the Lone Fir Cemetery. A hundred and some years ago, deceased Chinese residents were boated across the Willamette River and then carted up to this spot and buried in unmarked graves. Some records, few records were kept. Also, a nearby mental hospital disposed of some deceased ‘insane’ at this spot in unmarked graves. Years later, knowingly or unknowingly (seriously?) a two story building was built by Multnomah County atop this entire space. Some ten years ago, it was torn down. There was a rush to remove the remains before grave robbers raided the remains. At that time, I recall positioning security officers at this site over night to protect the graves. Now a garden like monument is in the offering to ‘honor’ the notorious spot/plots.