Today, out of the blue, I simultaneously received three nominations for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I express special thanks to Eunice at Living and Lovin , to Rebecca at Prince Charming Isn’t Here and to Bette at  4 Writers and Readers for nominating me for this award after they were also the recipient of the award.

If you are at all familiar with such awards, you are asked to fulfill a couple obligations that passes on a little information about the recipient (SwittersB) and passes on the award to other bloggers that I enjoy (their spirit, content, positivity, talent).

It is traditional to pass along 7 pieces of info about me:

1. I eat meat and like my steaks medium rare. I probably only have that meat once a week though. The rest of the time it is fruit, grains, vegetables and dairy products.  I am quite content with a bowl of cereal.

2. I hate Judge Judy and Doctor Phil! Well ok, I don’t hate  them but they irritate the hell out of me.

3. I love photography, but have little training or technical knowledge. I see things and take the photograph. I am not certain what ‘style’ or techniques I am employing.

4. I want to plan at least two significant fishing trips in the next 6 years, while I am fit enough to enjoy them. ‘Significant’ is like a prior trip I took to Christmas Island.

5. I have four great kids and two awesome grandchildren.

6. Of all the maladies that have beset me, I have faired pretty well: four surgeries, some broken bones, too much dental work. But, the most aggravating decline has been my eyesight and wearing glasses. Annoying as hell. 

7. I use to fish at least once a week, now I infrequently fish. The outdoors is a chapel of sorts for me. That fishing frequency needs to be increased soon.

Now for my recommendations of recipients for The Inspiring Blogger Award. I am to nominate 15 interesting blogs. There are many. There are many that have also received numerous awards, so if you already received the TVIBA in the past no worries. Just know you still have what it takes!

1. Follow The Light

2. Life Out of the Box

3. Chasing Art

4. David Heilman

5. my guilty pleasures

6. Sigoese

7. Gary Schollmeier

8. Maggie Mendus

9. Grandmother’s Musing

10. Romancing the Bee

11. Seth Snap

12. Outdooress

13. Bailfly

14. Light Touch

15. A Window Into The Woods

There you have my worthy nominations for The Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out their inspiring blogs and give them your likes. Thanks again Eunice, Rebecca and Bette!