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Photography: Good Karma Breached

As I came home late tonight, I rounded the corner and glanced over at the old duplex I had highlighted a few days ago. There it stood, both doors open like black holes giving signs of a passing, dark force. I pulled around and approached the building. I got out of my rig and listened while the East wind blew against my back. I walked up and saw both doors had been breached the hasps broken and the locks laying on the ground. I peered into each open door and could see the two rooms were now storage places for all manner of stacked stuff. I closed the door to each and drove away finding the timing so odd…how life works sometimes.


Water Bottle Fire Starter & Wet Fire Starting

This kind of information reminds me of being a kid and experimenting with some outdoor skill like the fire starter with bow, string, friction and tinder. I never quite pulled that one off. Here is a bottled water fire starter. Maybe that little magnifying glass would help too, but still interesting to remember. Wet Fire Starting (18 minutes long but interesting)


Solar Flare & the Carrington Event

What would happen if another Carrington Event took place? Congress recently declined to spend $300 mil on a probable defense mechanism to the devastation that would take place. The consequences to such an event are estimated by scientist to last a year or more. Currently scientist are forecasting for such storms for the next ten years. 

Think re your preparedness if such an event took place. Low probability/High Impact. It seems that this event may have a higher probability to occur than the often professed consequences of climate change? Either way, the inept government is not going to adequately handle these concerns so you might want to contemplate what if’s and how to’s if power were lost long term in your area.


Fly Tying: Dubbing Brush Abdomen

These are your standard bead head pupa patterns  on the curved shank hooks (size 14). The pattern is unique in that I trailed a small portion of a dubbing brush from the bend of the hook and then wrapped the dubbing brush forward to build up the abdomen. Then a wing made from a section of hen feather and a turn or two of hackle behind the gold bead. The pattern is so productive. The trailing material from the dubbing brush stays intact and is durable. 


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