With the birth today of a new female elephant at the Portland Zoo, it takes me back to my younger years with Rosy the Elephant and later when the Portland Zoo first acquired Packy and Belle. The rest is history and more was made today with the birth of the as yet unnamed female elephant. Such a curious creature, the elephant. We just kind of look at them and take them for granted yet they are so unique aren’t they.




“We’re all delighted at the arrival of Rose-Tu’s new calf,” said Kim Smith, Oregon Zoo director. “The calf is beautiful, healthy, tall and very vigorous. She’s vocalizing loudly,” Smith said in a press release. “The first time we heard her, the sound was so deep and loud that we thought it was Shine. She’s definitely got a great set of pipes, and it looks like she’s going to be a real pistol.”newborn Asian elephant

On one joyous occasion, there  is one very sad occasion today. Coco the Chimp, a 50! year resident at the Oregon (Portland) Zoo had to be put down today. The zoo staff was severely challenged today…the birth, the death. Life/Passings. Coco The Chimp Dies