Bedbugs: City Rankings (Now I itch!)

I’ve written about this in the past and each time, as I am reading the article, I develop an itch…like a pin prick somewhere on my body. Psychosomatic disorders is another topic for later perhaps?

“It is said that bedbugs are not a health hazard and they can’t transmit disease. But I believe they are talking about a bedbug transmitting disease from injecting saliva into your skin during the initial stages of feeding on your blood.

After a bedbug has finished feeding (about fifteen minutes), it is engorged with human blood. The slightest pressure will cause the bug to burst open and spray blood in all directions. Picture of a bedbug that popped and was partially filled with blood can be found at http://www.badbedbugs.com/bed-bug-bites/(X)

Here is a list of the top, frequent U.S. cities with bedbug treatments. Now I’m itching again! Nasty little critters, but beyond itching and the mental imagery of blood bloated crawlies around your face at night, they allegedly do not pose a disease hazard, just that bite/itching thing. Damn, now I’m itching again! Consider this a non-flyfishing entomological lesson, of sorts. Dust mites, bed bugs, spiders, fleas….it’s a wonder we get any sleep.

Bed Bug Getty IMages ABC News

Bigger than a flea, but more pesky to humans. Image: Getty/ABC News

3 Responses to “Bedbugs: City Rankings (Now I itch!)”

  1. January 28, 2013 at 12:57

    “The slightest pressure will cause the bug to burst open and spray blood in all directions.”
    But the most enjoyable way to kill it and “take your blood back” is by burning it with a lighter. It will enlarge a bit when you bring the fire near it. This also works when a mosquito is standing somewhere when you can’t hit it by hand (eg. something made out of glass). You simply light the lighter (or a small candle) and while holding it in the same height start bringing it towards it. Somehow the light distracts it and it doesn’t go away and when you reach at about half an inch from it, its fragile wings get burned so it falls down and then you can perform your… mortal combat fatality! 😛

    Thought you’d like to know ! 😉


  2. January 28, 2013 at 12:41

    I hate those bugs!! We had tones of ’em in the army..


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