Unless you are fishing gin clear spring creeks and attempting to spot holding fish you, like me, are probably moving about a stream looking at probable holding water based on currents and structures in the water. We know not to wade carelessly and maybe we consider the finish on that fly rod (maybe a matte finish) or not to wear to flashy of clothing. We do have a sense of a trout’s vision and sense of vibrations.

bow wet belly sbI have written a couple prior posts here at SwittersB & Fly Fishing that provided excellent information re a trout’s vision and color perceptions. Query in the search box (‘trout vision’) to the right (below The Versatile Blogger icon) and you will locate those prior posts.

Image via Fly Fishing From Scratch “A Trouts Field of Vision”

Today, I am sharing some basic info for the beginner or a refresher for others about a trout’s senses and how to move against those senses.