Fly Tying: Streamer Patterns Aggregated

I was contemplating tying up some enticing streamer patterns for some large mouth bass that eluded my last year but will succumb this year to my creations. I thought of Simon Graham, a guru of streamer patterns for Pike. I recalled (see my mind is just flitting all about) that Simon may have moved from Finland back to his original home of South Africa (or was he vacationing?).

At any rate, Simon could perhaps offer up instructions on how to tie those baitfish patterns that might be applicable to these rather large LMB’s I have been thinking about all Winter.


Simon Graham Bouncer Fly

Well, in searching out his name to see if he had moved, I could not get a sense from his site. But, I came upon another site that not only had Simon’s how to’s but numerous other how to’s for Pike streamers. Check out RodTrips’ Aggregated grouping of how to tie Pike Fly Streamers Tutorials….Simon’s blogs are in my blog roll, right side column too.

6 Responses to “Fly Tying: Streamer Patterns Aggregated”

  1. 1 craig
    February 26, 2013 at 12:06

    the only real difference between pike flies and bass flies is size.

    truth be told either type will take both species.

    some of the pike patterns take a pretty heavy rod/line combination to cast.

    even trout streamers tied weedless will take bass in the weeds. if it’s open water skip the weedguard.

    the bottom bouncer you posted has an added bonus…sound.
    the beads click on retrieve.
    i tie a couple of similar patterns.
    just immobilize one of the beads (super glue?) the others will smack against it.
    pretty effective in dingy water or night fishing.

    good luck!


    • February 26, 2013 at 12:32

      Thanks Craig…I have a vision or recollection of hooking 18″+ bows and having these larger circling, swirling marauders attacking the bow beneath me. I ‘hooked’ several but could never bury the hook…my 6wt. was doubled over and tip in the water…I plan on better hook ups and a size up+ on the rod….we shall see 🙂


      • 3 craig
        February 26, 2013 at 18:25

        Eagle Claw L7013BPG worm hooks
        Mustad 38104BLN Big Mouth worm hooks
        Gamakatsu EWG Worm Hooks
        these and some generic bass pro (xps?) hooks are what i tie most of my big streamers on.

        i usually use light wire hooks as opposed to forged…well really i use whatever is on sale when i walk in.

        the wire hooks and light synthetics will allow you to tie streamers that can be cast with rods as light as a five weight.

        as long as you use heavy leaders (at least 8 pound tippets) not much is going to get away from you.

        i still use a 7/8 wt. ugly stik i bought in the seventies. i have several 7 and 8 weights that i use as the desire strikes.

        but i’ve taken hundreds of bass (up to about four pounds) on an orvis 2wt using size 14 GRHEs and size 12 mickey finns while fishing for bluegill and crappie. that said, the only rod that i’ve had a fish break was sage 3wt too many weeds and too much fish.

        anyway they’re just fish. you really don’t need anything too special…unless of course you want to.


  2. February 25, 2013 at 19:12

    Simon’s got some nice pike slayers. Always got something new in the stew. Check this kid out too, Kevin Price who’s a signature tier for Idlywilde (http://www.idylwilde.com/html/signature_tiers.php?tier_id=21). He’s got some cool patterns that he uses on the toads but would also work on other predators as well.


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