Do you remember the barber shop’s table top full of magazines, the waiting room at the repair shop, the smoke shop’s magazine rack? At some point, you would have seen Field & Stream, Outdoor Life or Sports Afield. They were some of the very first magazines that motivated the fishermen, the hunter, the camper.

3 mag collage

Field & Stream was started in 1895; Outdoor Life in 1898 and Sports Afield in 1887. Plaid shirts, pipes, rifles with scopes, fishing rods, leaping trout and 8 point bucks were the norm.

Compared to today’s offerings, much was left to the imagination with the old publications. Over a 110+ years later and having moved through many hands the publications withstood the times and changes. Amelia Earhart, Zane Grey, Ernest Hemingway, Teddy Roosevelt, Clark Gable and many other notable names contributed pieces for the magazines in their prime.