Beginning Fly Tying: Realities, Planning

As a beginning fly tier, I would suggest you assess yourself as follows and form a plan of action that reflects that assessment: am I organized-anal-precise or am I willy-nilly-messy? Yes, you could vacillate somewhere in between but I bet you will have a propensity toward one ‘extreme’ or the other in your hobbies, in life. 

Wet Fly Blue old Body SwittersB-3

The macro lens shows the slight mis-wraps on this size 18 wet fly. Not really visible to my normal eyesight, these mis-wraps are not really important to the fish in most waters, but to the precise tier they are annoying. I have accepted my less than perfect wraps of materials or tags of thread protruding at the head. Functional if not artistically perfect.

In would help you in planning how to store your materials and maintain their quality. It helps in developing a list of what patterns you want to tie up for an approaching season, trip or specific piece of water. Life can be chaotic and sometimes overwhelming. Having a plan, whether you are organized or disorganized is helpful in getting the most out of your fly tying and subsequent fishing experiences. What fly tying techniques do I want to improve upon (whip finisher, winding hackle, parachute posts, proportions, etc.); what patterns will I need through the season ahead? How do I manage my materials so the mice, cat or moths don’t wreak havoc? How do I create a nice tying environment so I enjoy the process year after year?  Know your tendencies and plan accordingly. 

3 Responses to “Beginning Fly Tying: Realities, Planning”

  1. May 5, 2015 at 17:35

    Being raised in the flat, mostly water deprived panhandle of Texas, fly fishing was not something I ever saw or even heard about.
    Grin ….. but I did learn as a very small boy to use a long ‘real’ cane pole to catch and use tiny insects with tiny hooks to catch bull frogs..
    Happy fishing


  2. 3 xboxundone
    March 14, 2013 at 15:08

    My wraps are about the same. I try to improve them but mine seem to be good enough to get a bite from fish. So i don’t fret over it.


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