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Blogging: Giving Credit Where Due

I try to be very diligent in attributing credit/ownership to any photo or writings to the true source. I have on several occassions posted photos and attributed them to what I believed to be the source to later learn that source had ‘borrowed’ materials and claimed ownership. If I am ever off regard this please let me know.

dragon caddis either swittersbRecently, I have come upon this fly photo, I tied and photographed (albeit not to well), on other sites with the ‘SwittersB’ removed and the authors claiming ownership. Those three other fly tiers need to get their stories straight, I believe. 


Fly Fishing for Carp (Some History)

When I was a teen, my fishing often consisted of a worm, bobber and a nearby slough where we fished for carp. They willing pulled the bobber under, gave a good fight and we soon learned they tasted like crap…I mean carp. Not so good.

slough sbErin Block over at Mysteries Internal wrote a nice piece (everything she writes is often exceptionally interesting) about her Carp fly fishing experience. My adult efforts at fly fishing for Carp have been infrequent (maybe three times in last ten years) and unproductive. I often drive over a slough that I know has those cruising Carp. I am tempted but just don’t get down there to try it. Now is a good time with the weeds low and the grassy banks not so overgrown. 

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