Upon the advice of friend, Ann Roche, my wife and I ventured forth into the Joshua Tree National Park. We entered on the north end of the park near 29 Palms and made the loop back west toward Yucca Valley. What an extraordinary experience! Maps are available at the park’s information center (29 Palms side)

We marveled at the amazing rock formations, Joshua Trees and the occasional flowering cactus; truly a wonderful experience. We didn’t arrive until mid-day so the lighting was not optimum for photography. However, there is so much beauty around every bend that just to take it in without fussing over the camera is enjoyable too. We got a few shots nonetheless to share. I experimented with a polarizing filter for a few shots.

JT C Flower SB

Because of practical/medical reasons we didn’t hike a lot, but we ventured out here and there and took in the sights, clean air and cooler temps of the higher altitudes (70 degrees). There are plenty of sites that can provide you excellent information on touring the park. We noted nice tent camping that was situated near outstanding rock formations without being obtrusive or invasive. There were plenty of turn outs to park and hike in a ways toward the rock formations. Even if you never left the vehicle it would be a pleasant experience.

Two valuable resources are: Desert USA and Joshua Tree Nat’l Park

JT Rocks SB 1
JT Rocks SB 2
Cap Rock~Everywhere one looks there are massive rocks precariously perched atop others. With all of the park’s fault lines crisscrossing about I imagine sooner or later an earthquake helps reposition these large rocks.

JT C Flowers SB 2SwittersB JT Rocks SB3 SWITTERSBJT C Flowers SB 3JT Rocks SB 5JT Rock Balanced SB

JT Bloom SB

JT Rock Cave SB

lil Lizard SB
We didn’t see much wildlife on this outing save some lizards. We read about Big Horn Sheep, Tortoise, Snakes etc.