When I toured the Joshua Tree Nat’l Park, I remarked that the rock formations were so reminiscent of what I recall seeing as a young boy in the mid 50’s. The old Western movies often had these unique rock formations in the background as White hats chased Dark hats, single action six shooters blazing.

JT Rock Pile SB

I did a little research and discovered a little spot near the Joshua Tree N.P. named Pioneertown. This was where many older Westerns were filmed. Roy Rogers, Cisco and Poncho, Gene Autry to name a few rode through these badlands in the day. And, if you are probably 60 or older and watched those Westerns you will recall those special rocks in the background. Watch Cisco & Poncho here (scroll into the movie to 9:15 up to 11:20 for the rock formations…in the rest of the movie, the old buildings were part of the movie set for Pioneertown).