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Photography: Gradient Filters and Washed Out Photos

I try to be cognizant of the sun or bright sky when staging a shot. I admit to being in a hurry, rarely using a tripod and not adequately knowing my camera’s options/settings. Recently, I received advice (Wayne Mumford…Will Fish For Work) to experiment with a Gradient Filter. I have tweaked photos before with saturation settings, but never worked much with gradient filters. Below you see the original shot and then some tweaking. Not a great effort, but it shows how shots are manipulated beyond the original results.

desert shot bright

Original shot into the sun

Desert Shot.jpg

A first effort with a gradient filter

gradient filter desert shot JT.jpg

A second effort but there is that bright ‘halo’ appearance around objects.

I have much to learn with camera settings, time of day to shoot and developing a better eye. The Gradient Filter or Polarizing filter are enjoyable tools to experiment with. Yes, much room for improvement, but a learning experience for life, is it not?


Soccer: If I am going to freeze my ass off…….

Temp SoccerThen someone please score! Anyone….score!

Seattle Sounders: 0    New England Revolution: 0

Century Link Sounders 4-13 SB

Of course, in light of today’s Boston Marathon trauma/terrorism, we should all be more alert, engaged and focused, at least once in awhile, upon the what if’s in a large setting. Chaos, panic, staying together, a plan if separated? What if’s. At least once in awhile think it, plan it, state it!

In light of today, I won’t complain about freezing my ass off for a 0-0 soccer game. I have sat through wet/cold Spring Rugby games and track meets. At least there is a justifiable ending!!! 0-0 ugh!

Think…Plan…State It…Be confident! Arenas, public venues, restaurants, sidewalks, your home….what if’s. Not just the most catastrophic incidents of bombs or gunshots. Yelling, crowd swelling, assaults, waves of movement. Plan on how to grab little ones, give commands, be strong. Focus, survive!


Fly Fishing: Gaviglio’s Minnow Bugger

The Minnow Bugger is an amazingly productive stillwater pattern. Over the last five years, this pattern has become my top producer for trout. Tied in sizes 6-10, it rarely fails to produce. I have mixed up the body colors and tail color combinations, but I always revert back to the same color scheme because of the dominance of responsiveness to that pattern.


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