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Wind Turbines, Energy or Tall Obsolescence

Turbines SB1Whether you see wind turbines as a bright star on the horizon of alternative energy production or a dark blight, a bird killer, a standing monument to man’s foolishness…the wind turbines, for me, are a surreal visual to get near, watch and photogaph. Near Hwy 10 in California, hundreds and hundreds of the turbines mostly spun along on this windy day. In the U.S as many as 14,000 wind turbines reportedly stand idle, abandoned and slowly decaying. Regardless of your thinking, I found them interesting to consider and all the questions they beg.

Turbines SB2



Netting Fish: Head first

fishnetflysbBecause most of us practice catch and release, more often than not, it is important to minimize trauma to the fish prior to release. Some would say don’t even net a fish. 

Because I fish from a slightly elevated platform when on a lake, I use a net for larger fish. When netting a fish try to guide the fish into the net head first rather than tail first, especially if the net has a shallow basket. The fish can easily use its powerful tail to fulcrum up and out of the net thus prolonging the fight or you will probably, instinctively, over react in keeping the fish inside the net and possibly complicate the release process. Head first, the fish loses some power (not all…they are p0werful side to side too) providing access to remove the fly (barbed de-barbed barbless hooks please), revive the fish and safely release it to the depths to figure out what happened.

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