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Photography: John P. Newbury’s Journal

Beautiful natural environments are photographed by John P. Newbury and displayed within his journal…JPaulNewbury’s Journal. John is also a superb fly tier and you can see his skills in his A Fly Tyers Journal.

John not only has a keen eye for nature and the tied fly, but also has thoughtful commentary on the environment, habitat and culture. 

zion john newbury


Highlights Magazine & An Old Doctor

As a young boy (4 yrs. old), I recall sitting in a clinic in downtown Portland. It was the early 1950’s. My doctor was an ancient man, a Dr. Joseph Brown Bilderback, who spoke with an accent and called my young mom, ‘mama’. We lived in a poor section of NW Portland. Somehow my Mom got me into this, even then, prestigious doctor. 

“The Children’s Clinic was founded in 1911 by Dr. Joseph Bilderback. He was the first Pediatrician in the Northwest and founded the Pediatric Department at the Oregon Health Science University. 

(1969) Named Doctor of CenturyDr. Joseph Brown Bilderback, who opened his office here in 1909, was named “Doctor of the Century” Thursday evening by the Multnomah County  Medical Society. In the ceremonies at the Hilton Hotel, the 1,100_member society recognized the 99 year old dean of Portland physicians for “his  long and dedicated service to his patients and fellow physicians.” 


Aside from the fact that I had no idea then and only today how truly special that doctor was (I always knew I liked him), I recall sitting in the waiting room and reading a simple children’s magazine called Highlights. Do you recall that magazine? There was a drawing someplace inside where you attempted to find hidden objects in a greater drawing. I loved that magazine then and in later years also when I took my children to the dentist or doctor.

“The publication has been delighting generations of children — and their parents — since the first issue rolled off the presses in 1946, teaching the values of positive self-worth, creativity, curiosity and problem-solving. Regular features in the magazine, such as the “Hidden Pictures” page and the morally instructive cartoon panels starring Goofus and Gallant, have helped entertain, educate and challenge thousands of youngsters across the country — many of whom discover the magazine while sitting in doctors’ or dentists’ offices.”

Hidden Picture for Summer by Liz Ball.0Some memories from a young age are truly very pleasing…Dr. Bilderback and his magic elixir for me (Vitamin B12…I was anemic), his gentle ways and those Highlights children’s magazines are a nice memory.

GMME YoungSwittersB at 5 years of age (1953)


Cookie Recipe: Chocolate Chip Around a Peanut Butter Cup!!!

peanutbuttercupstuffedchocolatechipcookie1-512x768Found this mouth watering morsel at The Kitchen Magpie by Karlynn Johnston. Great step-by-step for this cookie. I love the chocolate and peanut butter combo.


Killing Fish: Compartments of Thought


I am far from being a vegan in my dietary habits. Put a medium rare steak in front of me, or chicken or…well almost any meat product short of organs or duck and lamb and I am quite satisfied. 

When it comes to fish, I can kill a salmon and enjoy it from the grill with ease and lemon please. But, somewhere along the line, I  drew the line killing trout. I know why. A camping trip long ago where I killed dozens of hatchery (‘put in take’) trout, put them in an ice chest and then ran out of ice. The trout ended up in the trash and that struck me as such a waste. I attached some sentimental process to that moment as the metal lid came down on the garbage can.

A large, beautiful trout is almost sacred to me…as much as a steelhead (same family). Yet, the equally beautiful, noble chinook that may have traveled as many miles as the steelhead gets wrapped on the noggin and gutted. Odd how these thought processes go.

Last year, I fished some waters in which large mouth bass had been introduced and were killing off the rainbow trout. I was encouraged to kill the bass. I couldn’t. I had no desire to eat the bass and to just kill it seemed improper. 

Like many of our dearly held ideas, I have no clear thought process…beginning to end…on how I arrive at all this. I just hold onto my conviction that for a trout to die at my hands (my banging it across the head or by poor handling prior to release) is a bad thing.

But right now, I could really enjoy a juicy filet mignon. Such contradictions hey? 

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