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Photography: Walking upon exotica……..

marlene PS


Macro Photography: Deception on a Hook


Click on each photo to enlarge…a bit blurry or my eyes are tired.


Deep in the Recesses……………

of the recently flooded garage have been some worthy discoveries of items found tucked away and unused. I have spent days pulling soggy stuff out to dry off and to cull out stuff long since forgotten, untouched and unneeded (see my related post over at Hoarding Woes & You).

But, while prowling around, I came upon a couple fun finds that gave me fond recollections of less complicated times when my priorities were clear, simpler and fulfilling.

OreGeoNamesSBAlong with many maps, books on rocks, trees, birds and wildflowers, my wife and I always had this book along as we explored every remote corner of Oregon. We used it to help us understand the history of those remote blips on the map that we might have just whizzed on by moving from point A to point B. It made us slow down a bit to ask questions and learn.

Tucked inside the book was a hand drawn map my Harry Teel providing general instructions on how to find the Foley Water on the Deschutes River. This map was drawn 25 years ago when the access was simpler and the area less developed. The discovery of the map brought back many fond memories of Harry and Dee Teel while we visited them in their fly shop in Sisters, Oregon or shared dinner one evening on the Crooked River.

Teel Foley mapSB

Foley Fall SwittersB

Foley Water this past October

Tucked up atop the broken water heater was a wooden plaque. Years ago, Harry Teel offered a fun incentive for fly fishers. If you could catch and release a fish over 18″ with proof, he would construct a wooden fish plaque for you and attach a label commemorating the C & R on the plaque. The plaques were displayed all around the shop walls. I worked to get that plaque. My first fish was in 1988, and subsequent ones didn’t come until 1991. Eventually, Harry and Dee Teel sold the shop in order to retire. The new shop owner didn’t want the tradition to continue so I arranged to retrieve the plaque before it was discarded.

plaque fishPlaque2Plaque 1

Of course, many fish (small and larger) have been brought to hand since those times. But, those were wonderful times when Harry hoisted my plaque on the shop wall; and when hand drawn maps led the way to ‘secret’ spots in then remote canyons.


Sequoia Trees: Pioneer Plantings

While recently visiting the Washington County Courthouse grounds in Hillsboro, Oregon, I noticed the tall, majestic trees on the South side of the grounds. Situated between the trees was a plaque explaining the trees. Pioneers transporting seeds/seedlings to other areas and planting them. Here it seems to have been a worthy effort.

sequoia plaque wcchsequoiq trees wcch


Life’s Curve Balls…Water Damage

Sometimes in life, the mind gets overloaded with all the tasks and demands. You realize this and focus the mind as if standing at the plate and wait for yet another fast ball. Finally, the mind is focused for that pitch and a curve ball comes zooming past making one stand there flat footed and looking foolish. Good life/baseball comparison hey?

flood vics carpet dry

Such was life yesterday, when I came home and noticed a new garden hose in front. My wife had wanted to by a new one. I noticed new flowers to be planted in the front yard and the existing flowers were well watered. The driveway was a bit wet and the area along the front of the lowered garage doors was still wet. She must have hosed things off a bit with the new hose.

Later, as we prepare to leave for our kid’s birthday party, my wife notes the still wet areas in front of the garage doors. “I thought you hosed that area off earlier?”….”No, I didn’t”   A thought occurs, a sinking feeling. Back into the house, into the garage and step down to then hear a squishy wet sound…that wet rug sound. Lights on and water everywhere.


Portland 1894…My Garage in Portland, 2013

Boxes and stuff stacked everywhere from the hoarding houses we have been emptying out for three years. The stuff of kids that have moved out, but store their stuff in the garage sat in the water. Only enough water to cover the two car garage floor a quarter inch, but certainly enough to wick up into every container. A curve ball…me standing there flat footed. Let’s to celebrate the birthdays.

Such is my day, as I finish this and head out to spend the day(s) emptying out the garage (memo to self: this is when you wish you had one of those obsessively clean garages one sees…You know, like if I could actually park both cars into the garage and then backed them out…all that room on that bare garage floor. Haven’t seen that since we moved in) and sorting the ruined from the salvageable. Clearing room to the water heater to replace it.

Sky tent created to keep campers dry and safe from bugs, Arizona, America - 07 Jun 2013

Keeping things high and dry…the Sky Tent (2) from Hammock Bliss

What I do know is my fishing gear in bags and boxes are high and dry. Some rod tubes may be setting in the water, but they will be ok. All the fly tying materials are in plastic bins or drawers and quite safe. Priorities


Nik Wallenda’s High Wire Walk

Aerialist Nik Wallenda Crosses the Little Colorado R. Gorge Video

Aerialist Nik Wallenda crossed the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon on Sunday. The stunt took him about 1,500 feet above the river. It took him 22 minutes to cross the quarter-mile gorge. (the ad takes a few seconds, then the walk).


Yellow Labs & Shedding

If you have ever had certain breeds of dogs (even cats) you know what shedding is like. I do not wear a stitch of clothing that does not contain at least a few Emma hairs. The cars carry signs of her ride alongs. Guaranteed there will be shedded hair visible on the carpet, wooden floors and tiles a few hours after intense vacuuming. Lately, Emma has been shedding in clumps. She does this in the Fall, before putting on her Winter coat and again in the late Spring. For 10+ years we have put up with this and it is what it is…I wouldn’t trade it.

Emma CollageThis week, my wife decided she had to do something besides the ‘normal’ brushing. So she took Emma out back and sat down to brush out some of that hair. Pretty ghastly isn’t it. And, it leaves no doubt that brushings, vacuumings and lint brushes will never fully conquer the hairs of a Yellow Lab.

Emma Brush Out SB

Was this the scene of a shearing or a brushing?

FURminator Brush…Large Breed


Love, Marilyn (Bittersweet Self Analysis by M.M.)

marilyn 7 year itch pose Gary Muncy Palm Springs, 2013

Watched a very bittersweet, provocative special on HBO called Love, Marilyn. I have remarked here before about my fascination with the lady. Like many famous people burned up in the flame of intense attention, she has always intrigued me. If you love Marilyn Monroe studies, then watch this special. It is bittersweet, painful to watch and brings a cloud to the mind, but so worth it…humanity…love.

“The Surgeon Story by M.M. (abridged)

The Surgeon Story is a text written in poem form by Monroe where she describes being cut open by Lee Strasberg and her psychiatrist Margaret Hohenberg…. 

Best finest surgeon—Strasberg
to cut me open which I don’t mind…to bring myself back to
life and to cure me of this terrible disease whatever the hell it is…

Strasberg cuts me open… they cut me open and there is absolutely nothing there—Strasberg is deeply disappointed but more even—academically amazed

that he had made such a mistake. He
thought there was going to be so much—more than he had ever
dreamed possible … instead there was absolutely nothing—

devoid of every human living feeling thing—
the only thing that came out was so finely cut sawdust—like out of a raggedy ann doll—and the sawdust spills all over the floor…”


Emerging Dragon Fly


Dragon SB


Momentary Chest Pains………….

hair grizzly

I guess I should explain for the non-fly tier/fisher: A few years ago the hackle industry was overwhelmed with the then fashionable style of long cock feathers blended in with the hair. Less worthy feathers were  used for earrings too. The trend passed and the feathers again became a bit more plentiful in fly shops for tiers. In looking at this above image, I believe the look is actual feathers, but rather the hair colored into a grizzly pattern. I do hope so…..

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