What a powerful, impressive photograph Cameron!

Cameron M. Redwine

June 13, 2013: Last Chance, Colorado

Above: Outflow winds from a severe thunderstorm kick up a wall of blowing dirt near Last Chance, Colorado on June 13, 2013.

I, along with several other Colorado chasers, tracked this storm through Last Chance in an attempt to get back in front of it. The blowing dirt reduced visibility so much, I didn’t think it would be photographically fruitful to continue north. I turned around to get out of the dust, and this scene is what I saw when I emerged.

An interesting feature are the two ground circulations in the middle of the frame. They are, quite arguably, gustnadoes, which are small non-tornadic circulations with no connection to the cloud. What made these interesting is that they were less ragged and larger than most gustnadoes I’ve seen, and the one on the left had a faint tube extending up and disappearing into the dust. That raises my suspicion…

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