My Father’s Day celebration was perfect this weekend. I heard from my four children early in the morning and considered myself blessed. I thought back to my Dad and did the usual assessment of his personality, strengths and arrived at the eventual conclusion…remarkable man…I was lucky, I was blessed.

I wish I would have told him that beyond when I told him, as I held his hand, as he took his final breathes in the hospital. 

This weekend, I attended my daughter’s graduation at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. It was a very pleasant celebration that segued, in my mind, into the joys of fatherhood, the bittersweet transitions, the sometimes blind luck that results in amazing kids.

Before Grads
6,000 empty seats on the stadium floor awaited the graduating class of 2013
My daughter about to walk up to receive her diploma. Optimism, relief, expectation, apprehension….life.